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Beautiful Handmade Corpse Bride Costume

My daughter wanted to be the Corpse Bride this year for Halloween so we tried to make it a modern take on this Tim Burton Classic! We used an old pageant dress of mine and added a corset the top of it. We used hot glue to create the rib bones and then hot glued those to a piece of black felt and painted the ribs white. We attached the ribs to her corset. We made her gloves out of lace material.

We took blue flowers and spray painted them black so they still had a blue undertone. We used thin wire to wrap the flowers around an old headband and the sewed a long piece of netting to it to make the veil. We made a bouquet out of the flowers using wire, felt and leftover lace material. We topped her look off with a blue wig, painted her face, arms and chest blue, gave her dramatic makeup and big lashes!

I went and took her photos and then we headed to go trick or treating! She looked perfect, and everyone loved it! She had several comments from people on how great she looked all night! We hope you love it as much as we do!

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