DIY Corpse Bride Costume: A Halloween Masterpiece

Emily, the Corpse Bride, homemade cosplay

I decided I wanted to be Emily, the Corpse Bride (concept originally by Tim Burton) for Halloween this year since I felt my makeup skills were finally developed enough to be able to pull off the look successfully. I knew I would have to make the costume myself so I started two months early. I … Read more

Beautiful Handmade Corpse Bride Costume

Beautiful Corpse Bride

My daughter wanted to be the Corpse Bride this year for Halloween so we tried to make it a modern take on this Tim Burton Classic! We used an old pageant dress of mine and added a corset the top of it. We used hot glue to create the rib bones and then hot glued … Read more

Awesome Corpse Bride Costume

Awesome Corpse Bride Costume

Hey there! I started off this awesome Corpse Bride Costume by heading to a thrift shop where I purchased a long-sleeve wedding gown for $10. It was (in my opinion!) a perfect dress for this look.  The dress already had a sweetheart neckline, so all I had to do was cut off the sleeves, and a … Read more

Homemade Corpse Bride Costume

Corpse Bride

I had already done Sally. I wanted to do the Corpse Bride costume. I already had the technique down for the wig. Full roll of blue yarn and wrap around my arm like winding up a rope. Cut the end by my elbow and then use the middle of all of them as the roots. … Read more

Awesome Handmade Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride Costumes

Awesome Handmade Tim Burton's Corpse Bride Costumes

These Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride Costumes are both handmade costumes inspired by the characters from the movie Corpse Bride, directed by Tim Burton. For those who are interested, I have explained the process how they were made in the following steps. I hope you enjoy! Challenges I Faced: This was my first time airbrushing and my … Read more

Stunning Homemade Adult Corpse Bride Costume

adult corpse bride costume

Adult Corpse Bride Costume So my favorite part of the Corpse Bride Movie is when Emily turns into a butterfly and goes to heaven. So I wanted to make the dress disintegrate in to butterflies but I couldn’t figure out how to do it so I just added the butterflies and lights to represent the … Read more

Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride Costume

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride Costume

I felt that by creating this Corpse Bride costume, I could do the character and director justice. Corpse Bride has always been one of my favorite movies. Costume making is a huge part of my life, so when I began making this Corpse Bride costume in April, I knew it would be wonderful. I first started … Read more

The Corpse Bride Costume

The Corpse Bride Costume

My daughter decided she wanted to be Corpse Bride. My thoughts as I grab stuff to do her makeup is that I am going to need a lot of blue ;) The time had came for trick or treating and my sister was on her way to come take pictures if her niece. I painted … Read more

Cool Corpse Bride Homemade Costume

Coolest Corpse Bride Homemade Costume

I worked like a crazy person to sew this whole Corpse Bride costume together by hand. I also cut and painted the end of the dress and veil to match the movie version. I did my own make up which is why the eyes are so high up :). I have taken it to various … Read more

Cool Corpse Bride Homemade Halloween Costume

Cool Corpse Bride Homemade Halloween Costume

I love making my own costumes, and with my old wedding dress taking up so much closet space I was looking for something to do with it. I didn’t want to be just a generic zombie bride, but Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride? Now that’s awesome! I used pipe cleaners to create a base for the … Read more

The Corpse Bride Couple Costume: Emily and Victor Van Dort

The Corpse Bride Couple Costume: Emily and Victor Van Dort

Here are some pictures of our Halloween costumes for this year. The Corpse Bride is one of our favorite Tim Burton movies and dressing up like Emily and Victor was lots of fun!! Both costumes were made by us (my boyfriend and I). We hope you enjoy the pictures!