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Stunning Homemade Adult Corpse Bride Costume

Adult Corpse Bride Costume

So my favorite part of the Corpse Bride Movie is when Emily turns into a butterfly and goes to heaven. So I wanted to make the dress disintegrate in to butterflies but I couldn’t figure out how to do it so I just added the butterflies and lights to represent the last scene in the movie. I wanted to make my adult corpse bride costume to be unique so I figured the lights and butterflies will give it an extra touch.

Supplies Used

  • 1 wedding dress from a Thrift Store
  • 1 cheese cloth for the wedding veil
  • 1 unwanted pair of long white gloves
  • 1 wig(ebay best wigs at best price)
  • 1 can blue and black spray paint
  • Oven backed polymer clay (for Maggot) 3D butterflies stickers blue, black, white and clear.
  • 3D skeleton Halloween costume for the ribs
  • Craft wire
  •  Flower head band (search boho head band on ebay)
  • LED lights with battery packs
  • Branches from the dollar tree
  • EL Wire

Constructing the Adult Corpse Bride Costume


So I found a wedding dress that was 4 times my size, so I had to pretty much remake it. So, I took off the zipper cut off most of the dress and added grommet eyelet twill trim tape to lace it as a corset. I snipped the dress vertically in the center above the knee, I also cut a hole and the rib cage area and I used the hot glue to attach the rib cage to the dress. Then, I hot glued the branches, butterflies and lights on and in the lining of the dress. Finally, I hot glued the EL wire the top of the dress.

Veil and Head Piece

I took the headband spray painted black and blue. Then, I hot glued the cheese cloth to the headband and hot glued the Led light to sides of the veil and a separate light to the head piece. Next, I used the craft wire to hold the butterflies to give the allusion of butterflies flying around me. I made the mistake of putting the battery packs at the bottom of the veil not a good idea because I lost the batteries by the end of the night.


He was very easy I used different color clays to make him. (My first time working with it)


I used very pale bebe foundation cream and mixed it with blue food coloring and white eyeshadow. For the skeleton arm I made the huge mistake to use acrylic paint; I was so itchy all night.

In addition, it took me about 6 months on and off to make the costume. I got a lot of complements and offers to buy it.

I’m sure I am forgetting a lot but I really suck at writing so post a comment if you have any questions.

“I spent so long in the darkness….I’d almost forgotten how beautiful the moonlight is!”  – Emily (Tim Burton’s most beautiful creation)


adult corpse bride costume

adult corpse bride costume

adult corpse bride costume

adult corpse bride costume

adult corpse bride costume

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