Awesome Corpse Bride Costume

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I started off this awesome Corpse Bride Costume by heading to a thrift shop where I purchased a long-sleeve wedding gown for $10. It was (in my opinion!) a perfect dress for this look.  The dress already had a sweetheart neckline, so all I had to do was cut off the sleeves, and a bit of lace. To ensure that the dress stayed up I pined it to the bra I was wearing. I then took watered down blue Halloween body paint and used that to add blue detail to the outline of the lace overlay that was at the top of the dress. I then cut a large slit in the skirt of the dress.

I purchased a blue wig from Value Village for the hair. For the hairpiece, I purchased blue flowers and used wire to make them into a headpiece. I had also purchased a veil (cannot be seen in the picture), which I wired onto the flower head piece.

For the makeup, I mixed blue, white and earthy green Halloween face/body paint. It required many tubes! I used a foam brush to paint my body (arms, legs, face etc.) Once the paint had dried, I used a cheap blue eye shadow to contour my collarbone, chest, nose and eyes.

The eyes were the crucial part for this makeup. I covered my eyes (including my eyebrows) with white paint and then coated my lashes with white mascara. Then I used eyeliner to lightly draw out the eyes and eye lashes. I went over this with black paint in order to make it stand out more. As you can see, since the whites of Emily’s eyes are so big, rather than using my own pupil I painted a black dot so it would look really neat when I closed my eyes.

For the lips, I used a bubble gum pink lipstick and extended it much further than my natural lip line because Emily (the Corpse Bride) has huge lips! I also painted little triangles under my nose and scars on my face.

I think that my costume was a huge hit! I got some great compliments and had an awesome time celebrating. Many people didn’t know that it was me, so I must have done a good job transforming myself. This was a super fun costume to wear, especially if you’re a fan of the movie the Corpse Bride!

For those of you who want to try this look out, here are a few recommendations:

–       Find a long white glove, tatter it up and put it on one arm!

–       You could also paint bones on your other arm, and on your torso like Emily has

Hope you like it.

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