Back to the Future Costume

We wanted to do a couples’ costume for Halloween that people would recognize and while Marty McFly and Lorraine Baines are actually mother and son I wanted to make a pretty dress! So my husband Matt went in the standard Marty McFly costume and I made the dress from the Under the Sea dance.

I made the dress by altering a ball gown pattern from Simplicity. I used two different satin fabrics – a heavier one for the under dress (pale peach) and a lighter one for the outer dress (darker peach.) I can’t even begin to imagine how many yards of tulle I used but the dress can stand up by itself! For the shoes I used my wedding shoes (which were all stained from the grass) and dyed them using a tangerine-colored fabric paint.

I found a website on 50’s hair and styled my hair accordingly. I found a sprig of baby’s breath and pearls at the craft store for the hair decoration. For Marty’s costume we found a jean jacket at the thrift store a vest on eBay a checkered shirt at the thrift store and the glasses at a costume shop. I think we also found the suspenders at a thrift store.

Total Spent: $100

Back to the Future Costume

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  1. I am a diehard BTTF fan and love this. I wanted to get Lorraine’s dress made for my formal but didn’t have the time, I’ll get one one day!


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