After much collaboration, my boyfriend and I made the “heavy” decision  to be Marty McFly amd Jennifer Parker from Back To The Future. We made many trips for over 3 months going from Thrift Store to Thrift Store in search for any pieces we can find to complete our costumes.

For Marty McFly we had the Sunglasses (Aviators), Jean Jacket, Jean Pants, Maroon colored Under Shirt, and checkered button down. We obtained the Red Puff Vest and Suspenders from the thrift store. The Calculator Watch was from Amazon, Nikes were from Ebay, and the Walkman was a hidden gem we found at Grandma’s Storage.

Jennifer Parker pieces were mainly from the thrift store – white button down with big sleeves, white squared face watch, cream colored sling purse, brown belt and light pink pants. (Used fabric paint and cut a sponge to a flower shape) The vest was made by my boyfriend’s mom that was custom made. (She did an amazing job!) The hair is a styled wig, bought from a local beauty supply store and the Reeboks were from Ebay. As we go to different events such as 80s and Halloween Parties, our costumes are a very big hit. We get lots of complements and we hear people start talking about the New Hover Board.