Baby Groovin’ Groot Costume

Groot is ready to rock the night away.  This is the second Groot costume I have made this month. The first one was an all paper version. This one is a child size costume and made from duct tape. It cost more money to make than the paper costume, but it should hold up for years and is child proof.

First I had to find enough duct tape in colors that would be good for a Groot tree costume. I had to go to 3 stores to find enough rolls of tape. Even then, I had to go back out to the stores 2 times to buy more tape. Unfortunately., the colored rolls are very small. In all for a costume for a 3 year old I had to buy about 18 rolls of tape at $4 dollars a roll.

I used a wig block to form the head over. It has a wire frame on the inside covered with paper and finally with duct tape. The eyes are foam balls painted black. The mouth has been cut open to see through.

I formed the body over a body form that I made in our child’s size. I did the body by creasing the tape as I added layers. I was trying for a vine-like appearance like baby Groot has . The arms were added after the body was done.

The body comes down to our little girl’s shins.

For the pot I found a large light weight plastic bucket with handles. I cut the bottom out of the pot. Now I placed our girl in the pot and used brown fabric that I crumpled up to make dirt around the body of Baby Groot. The handles make in easy to walk around . I wanted to test out peoples reaction to the costume , so we went to a local mall  and we had our girl stand near  the food court. We instructed our daughter to hold very still until someone walked by and then yell “BOO”. She got really in to it and thought it was a game. Lots of people started bringing others over to see and of course everyone wanted a cell phone pic.

I have made a bunch of costumes this year. This one is definitely a big hit!

Baby Groovin' Groot Costume

Baby Groovin' Groot Costume

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