Awesome Optical Illusion Costume: Dr. Doofenschmirtz Nabs Agent P in his Candyinator!

Whatchya Doin’??

Hey, family, I know what I am going to be for Halloween this year!

Kids…mom is making a crazy costume again!

I absolutely LOVE Halloween! For the past few years, I have gone the route of making homemade costumes for my family. Each year, I try to come up with a costume that will wow the neighbors and now it has become a yearly tradition to try to guess what we will be.

This year, I am especially proud of one of my creations. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to be Agent P or Dr. Doofenschmirtz from the Disney cartoon Phineas and Ferb. Asking myself, “why must I choose between these two wickedly awesome characters?” I decided to be both! The result turned some heads at two parties I have already attended. It was fun because I was so covered up that people couldn’t tell I was watching them. I would get the double take, the jab your friend and point, and the “who is the real person” look. At one point I started to know why our friends at Disney World have handlers to help out because at my son’s elementary school dance I was mobbed by a swarm of little ninjas, witches, and ghouls all wanting high 5s from Agent P! Too cool!!

The premise of the costume is the “carry me” kind. I made a “dummy” Doofenschmirtz and had him carrying Agent P in a box of parts for his Candyintator. The costume was made from your standard flour/glue/water paper mache for Doof’s head and Perry’s duckbill. The matching sweater and knit cap and Doofenschmirtz’s clothes came from a thrift store. We had the fedora from a trip out west. The eyes are reworked from dollar store props. Lots of painting, hot glue, and a bit of luck helped my creation come to life!

Hope you like it!!

Whatchya Doin’??Hey, family, I know what I am going to be for Halloween this year! is making a crazy costume again!I absolutely