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Around the World Family Costume

Our son, Bodie (6), is obsessed with all things geography, so we centered our Halloween costume theme around his love for it. My husband was the pilot, I was a flight attendant, and Bodie was literally the world in an inflatable globe costume draped with world flags. Both my husband’s and my costumes were ordered from Amazon.

A Worldly Wagon: Bringing Geography to Life

The real homemade aspect of our costume came from our worldly wagon. I hand-cut cardboard to back the various landmarks that are included (Big Ben, Statue of Liberty, Roman Ionic Column, Eiffel Tower, and a Chinese dragon). I then used several of our larger stuffed animals to include in the wagon to represent various locations of the world.

I used dollar tree broomstick handles and zip-tied them to the wagon to allow for 3-foot string lights to provide lighting during trick-or-treating. I also wrapped the side broomsticks with world flags. To really drive in our theme, we actually have an old carry-on suitcase on hand that we filled with mini bags of pretzels, just like you’d get on a plane.

This was a labor of love and especially close to the heart because of Bodie’s love and excitement for geography, and it was enjoyed by our neighbors and all of the homes we visited.

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