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Amazing Homemade Costume of Selene from Underworld

The idea to create a Selene from Underworld costume for Halloween happened randomly a couple of years ago. I had a black cat suit I bought for a photo shoot back in Photography school, and my boyfriend bought me this beautiful leather corset for my birthday a few years later. It didn’t occur to me for awhile that I could piece these things together to create a near look-a-like of the outfit that Selene wears in Underworld.

When I finally did realize that I had a really cool costume for Halloween, my goal was to make it look as authentic as I could possibly make it because I’ve never really got to invest so much into a costume before. It sort of became a goal each year to make it look so similar to the one in the movie and not something store bought and/or cheap looking. It’s like a tradition now because each year I find new pieces to add to the costume.

This year I am adding the fangs and the blue eyes. I’ve worn this costume for three years now and I still get the same reactions just like I did when I first wore it. People could pick me out in a big crowd and they would scream, “Wow it’s Selene! You look exactly like her!” and they would rant and rave about all the details of the costume. It really makes me happy to put time and effort into costume you don’t normally see.

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