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Adorable Kitty Costume for a Girl

My daughter wanted to be a kitty cat, but the stock costumes were just plain boring.

Believe it or not, I had a leopard bodysuit from when I was 20 and by dressing it up I was able to use it (you cannot see how long it is on her). The body suit was sleeveless, and included long matching gloves.

I made a tutu from 4 different colors to really enhance the costume! I really guessed on the length when I bought the material at Joann’s. I bought something that was elastic so that I could tie it around my daughter’s waist. Then, I tied/knotted all the tulle to the elastic. No sewing for me. ;)

I bought ears, a tail, and bow tie. The ears were attached to a headband.

Finally, I attached black feather boas to her wrists and feet with fabric glue.

To complete the look, a little eyeliner makeup was used to create whiskers and a kitten nose.

The body suit was sleeveless.

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