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A Two-Faced Costume Liars and Backstabbers Would Kill For

I am wearing a suit tarnished with fire (appropriately), clay, and paint. The face was done with prosthetics, glue, and face paint. I did it for a small local party and it was truly remarkable to be taking pictures with people, being sure they got my bad side.

I’ve always had an affinity for special effects, largely due to my passion for film and the horror genre, but this piece was a particularly beloved and fun one to create. I am a sculpture artist, having worked on a few cult movies such as Alien vs. Predator and Lumberjack. When I dress up, it feels like being back in the studio; an environment that caters to my soul in ways that only kindred spirits could understand, as it is simply impossible to describe.

There’s true magic in special effects, combined with the nostalgic miracle of becoming in touch with your younger, carefree, holiday craze-stricken self from Halloweens long passed. There’s something about it unmatched and which I aspire to never outgrow. I hope those feelings translate through these photos!

A Two-Faced Look Liars and Backstabbers Would Kill For

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