A Toxic Poison Ivy Costume

I made this Poison Ivy costume to be in a Gotham City Sirens group with my friends, and I love this to pieces! I think I spent a total of around $50 on this because I used a lot of materials from home.

The base of the bodysuit is a t-shirt sewed onto a pair of underwear and then dyed purple and green. After that, I spent hours hot gluing the ivy leaves on and hammered in metal grommets in the back so that I could lace the bodysuit up corset style. Doing it this way ensures I can get the bodysuit over my hips and make a nice snug fit throughout my torso.

The tights and wig were purchased. I pinned ivy leaves into the wig with bobby pins. The shoes were originally black platforms, but I spray painted them green and dusted them with green glitter to make a more glamorous Ivy. I sealed them with glossy sealant to be extra shiny.

By the time I was done with the costume, I had plenty of burns from the hot glue gun, but it was worth it because I had a blast wearing it! I wore it to a few conventions and comic book store parties and everyone loved it. It’s not the world’s most comfortable costume, but fun to wear!

A Toxic Poison Ivy Costume

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