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A Really Good Red Queen and the Mad Hatter Couple’s Costume

We made these costumes over a matter of weeks (we always get really excited for Halloween).  We got a lot of interesting reactions!  We especially stood out because we managed to only go to the places that no one dressed up at (i.e., the bar with all of the young professionals in their suits, drinking craft beer – we made quite a ruckus)

The Red Queen: a crown made of posterboard and spray painted gold, red long-haired wig from Target – held together with a lot of hairspray and pins.  Makeup from Target, too.  The dress is made from ribbon, pieces of fabric, etc. all from scratch with no pattern, so I can’t help you on that one very much.  The skirt is a separate piece, though (you should always think about how you’re going to go to the bathroom in a costume… very important!)

The Mad Hatter:  The hat is made from poster board, hot glued together and covered in fabric.  The pins for the hat are made from Sculpey stuck onto a wooden skewer and painted gold.  The thread sash is a bunch of sample threads from the dollar store, threaded on twine (the regular size thread spools are too big).  The face paints and wig are from target and we used black wax for the tooth gap.  The clothes are a scarf from Target, a vintage suit jacket and vest from Goodwill with lace sewn on the sleeves.  Some pants cut off a bit too short and some boots, too.

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