My boyfriend and I always take turn picking our Halloween costumes! This year (2012) was his turn to pick.

Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy from Batman and Robin movie.

My mom always helps us make our costumes; she’s been helping me with mine since I was born. Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year and I always make it a habit to prepare for it months ahead. For example I’ve already known what we’re going to be this year since the day after Halloween last year.

Making the Costumes:

Mr. Freeze

We got grey long johns from any men’s department store and I sprayed over them with silver spray paint to give them the metal look.

I created the helmet with an old helmet and mosh-poshed the designs on them and painted it by hand.

The hardest part was working with the foam. I bought a roll of floor foam (like for garage working area – they sell the rolls at home depot, big lots Lowes etc.) The cool part is that they came with the metal texture. once My mom and I cut shapes out I just spray painted until we got the look.

Poison Ivy

I bought green material and made a simple tub like dress and separately added the pieces of wave shaped fabric into a shirt shape. Then for the bust area I bought foam paper you can get at any art supply store and shaped the bust area. (mine came with glitter.)

Finally I bought Ivy’s garlands and garlands of ivy plant and cut and glue gunned them onto the dress until it looked right.

I bought 2 cheap red wigs and made the cone shape with foil paper and hair styled the duo like her hair in the movie.

And there you go! My mom, my boyfriend and I had a blast making this couple costume! We do it because we love it!

And yes I do keep every single one of my costumes… I’m running out of room!