I first started with the book which I made out of cardboard, cutting all the pieces the size that I need for an open book look. I chose to make my book Hamlet since it contains one of the most famous quotes, “to be or not to be…” I put 2 white poster boards on top of the pages to paint my quote on. The inside is held together with duct tape and glue, I had to sew the middle together to get my open book look to stay which wasn’t the easiest thing… I didn’t cut the hole in the middle of the book until after I made the worm costume to get the right size, but after the hole was cut, I put 2 wires across the middle to hold the book on my bookworm.

The worm costume I chose to use a fleece material for both warmth and comfort reasons! I first cut the length around the body, sewed it up, cut out arm holes. I cut thick strips wider than the width of the body to have room for filling. Starting at the bottom sew your strip around remembering to pleat, sew the other side higher up leaving a hole for filling, fill, then start the next strip until all the way to the top. Cut and sew the arms in And the body is done. for the hood, cut 2 oval shapes with a neck and 2 larger ovals also with a neck, cut a half circle out of all of those for the face. Sew the two smaller ones together, then the 2 larger ones together, sew the ovals together remembering to pleat, leave a hole for filling, fill, and sew the hole shut. Make sure you add Velcro or snaps at neck for closure. The glasses are just black pipe cleaners shaped like glasses sewn on the hood. I also made mittens and shoe covers which aren’t necessary, but I’m anal about making everything go together!

This costume was a huge hit at our local costume contest we attend every year! It not only won first place in her age group, but the librarian asked to use it at the library sometime!!