Coolest Bookworm Costume

I am a second grade teacher and I felt this Bookworm Costume would be a great costume for my students to enjoy.

First, I’d like to say that I can’t take all the credit for the idea for the bookworm costume. I saw another bookworm costume on this website (, where a mother made one for her young son but he only needed 2 books. I really liked the idea of the books stacked and the illusion of the worm sitting on them but I had to tailor it to fit an adult size for me.

The 5 books took a few weeks to make, but one by one, I used foam and poster boards. A couple of them I tried to spray paint, but the foam boards shriveled and wrinkled up, so I decided to cover it with colored poster board papers instead. I hot-glued them together to create the books and drew lines to make the illusion of pages. On the first book from the bottom, I attached some plastic wheels that would allow me to move around.

I cut a hole through all 5 books so I could fit my body inside. I placed Velcro in between each book to secure them together, but I placed a softer Velcro after the first 3 books so I can climb in before attaching the other two books on top. I added detail to the books by using black ribbon and black electrical tape to shape the binding. I also printed out the titles of some of my favorite books to paste onto them.

The body of the worm was easier to make and took me one day to make. I purchased a soft velvety-like, bright-green, stretchy fabric and sewed the body together. I stuffed it with foam and pillow filling. I tied green string to form the grooves of the worm’s body. I made a papier-mache rounded head to cover the material for the head. I also sewed sleeves, plus gloves for me to put on and take off.

As for the huge glasses, I went to the dollar store and purchased two round dog chew rings. I attached and wrapped it together with black electrical tape. I attached it with elastic and Velcro. The graduation cap was an old one I had for a long time, but I made the top a lot bigger and added my own yarn tassel.

My students and all the kids at our school loved the Bookworm Costume. I loved the fact that many of them could not believe I made the costume and felt that I had rented or bought the costume. The great thing was that it only took me about $35 to make the whole Bookworm Costume!

Coolest Bookworm Costume 2

Coolest Bookworm Costume 2

Coolest Bookworm Costume 2

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