Costume by Cami H., Phoenix, AZ

These simple Halloween costumes are something that I (Mom) decided to do. I wanted us to be different, have a message and include everyone in our newly shifted family. Since we adopted our new puppy in September from a humane society we wanted others to see how important it is to drive safely and consider everyone/everything that can be in the street.

Some nice folks at my job helped me cut out two cardboard boxes into the shapes of "Yield" and "Stop" signs. I painted the signs and put the letters on with reflective tape. For my costume I took three tap lights and some glass paint and painted them as traffic lights then used Velcro to attach them to black poster board. Many kids had fun pressing my lights to change the colors. In addition our reflected/lighted costumes provided lights for all other trick-or-treaters and we all ended up moving from house to house in a large group.

Road Sign Simple Halloween Costumes

The best part of our theme was out puppy Stella. She was "Road Kill". Her costume was mostly prepared because she is white with one brown eye and one bluish-white eye. I mixed Red drink mix with green dish soap to make fake blood and painted her. She really did look "dead". It moved one lady whose pup was hit by a car. I initially felt awful after hearing her story but she reassured me that what we did was good.

We felt original with our simple Halloween costumes and enjoyed the positive comments about our message. Even the police were impressed!!

Total Spent: $25

Road Sign Simple Halloween Costumes