I couldn’t wait to have my twin girls. I couldn’t wait to dress them alike. UNTIL the day a stranger stopped us and said *with fear all over his face* “OH my GOSH! It’s the twins from The Shining!”

I never dressed them exactly alike after that. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I have LOVED scary movies since I was eight, but hearing that your beautiful daughters are literally freaking people out is not what any mom wants to be told!

I was nervous when the girls asked me what The Shining was. I told them. Well as much as an eight year old needs to hear. I was THRILLED when the girls said they wanted to do this for Halloween. I was extra proud when Hadley looked at me with her giant eyes and said “MOM! Lets get a motel room and just walk around like this and reallllly scare people!”

OF COURSE I said “No”, but i’ll admit that it crossed my mind. I just didn’t want to be responsible for the fear induced heart attacks it may cause.

The costume was easy. I just used a pattern from Alice in Wonderland (minus the white apron). I also used white face paint and brown/gray eye shadow for under their eyes. The rest followed. Really, it was just the girls that made the costumes.

They were so excited and proud that they terrified so many people. One woman yelled from a block away “IT’S THE SHINING TWINS!”. She wouldn’t come near them. As soon as anyone was about to open the door, I could hear Sadie say “Quick Hadley, hold my hand and look serious!” Totally in character. I was really suprised that so many teenagers also knew who they were supposed to be. Every time someone recognized them, they were so excited.

I only wish that person that stopped them and told them that they looked like the twins from the shining could have been one of the many people that they ran into that night! Really, all of this stemmed from that one comment. :)