I bought the clothes for our The Shining DIY Halloween costumes at goodwill. I wore old pajama bottoms, a beige turtleneck, my husbands green/beige plaid work shirt and a blue robe. I used a bag of black cobweb to fashion a black wig with bangs. I also did some red and extra black make-up around my eyes to make me look tired and scared.

My husband wore a flannel shirt, a lightweight jacket, jeans and a belt. He cut out a hole in a piece of cardboard from an old box and painted it with acrylic white paint. He then attached to pieces of twine to tie it to his head. Top it off with slicked back hair and an axe! I bought a $3.00 sword at Party City and Jason used his dremel tool to cut it down to look exactly like a real kitchen knife.

I made Jason’s axe with a Ritz box and some wrapping paper tubing. We painted it black except the tip which was silver. Jason took a piece of cardboard from a box and cut a hole and painted it white to make it look like a door.