The Shining Here’s Johnny! Jack Nicholson Costume

I decided to stick with a scary theme and do Jack Nicholson’s character from The Shining, in particular the “Here’s Johnny!” scene. Since I am a woman I challenged myself to paint his face onto mine.

I went with a comic black and white approach and used black and white paint only with gray eye shadows. I also painted balsa wood white and black to create the door around my face.

It took 4-5 hours to paint and layer the paint to create the graphic effect on my face. The only thing that lines up is our eyes.

I had to buy Crayola white molding foam to use for his lower teeth and glued it onto my face.

Overall my vision was a great success. I am very happy with the comic book style of Jack Nicholson depicted on my own face!

The Shining Here's Johnny! Jack Nicholson Costume

The Shining Here's Johnny! Jack Nicholson Costume