I started making my sexy Peacock costume about 3 weeks before Halloween. I purchased a corset from Charlotte Russe for $10, a tutu from Party City for about $12 with a coupon. I ordered  the feathers from Joann’s Fabrics (6) of the 12 pack – 36 inch feathers for $7.99 a pack and by using my coupons each week at Michaels Crafts I purchased the 2 pack of Ashland brand feathers that have about 6 peacock feathers per stem.

I used the 36 inch feathers on my Peacock fantail that I stuck inside the back of my corset.  I started by laying them out and gluing them on to a piece of cardboard with a hot glue gun then cut each layer shorter that the previous layer so they all line up at the bottom. I did this on both sides of the tail. I then glued some cotton balls to the bottom where the feather tips go inside of my corset so they did not rub on my back.

I then used the peacock feathers I bought from Michaels, about 50 of them,  and cut them down to just the peacock eye and glued them to the front and sides of my corset.  I also glued about 20 of them to my tutu in a spaced out pattern all the way around.  I even stuck some on my shoes. This was pretty easy to make.  The hardest part was all of the hot gluing each feather to the corset. I got a few hot glue burns on my fingers along the way but it was well worth it in the end.

I ended up winning $100 in a costume contest for most creative costume and had dozens of people asking me to take pictures with them that night.