Gremlins has always been one of my favorite movies as a kid. And Greta Gremlin has always been my favorite character. It’s a costume that I’ve always wanted to do… And I finally got around to attempting it this year. I started off by investing in a really good green wig. Then I purchased a yellow morph bodysuit. I began by drawing on the suit with a black permanent marker… To mark the belly and muscle detail then I began painting the suit with a bright electric green acrylic paint to block off the areas that I wanted to look scaley. I let the suit dry over night then painted in all of the muscle detail with various shades of pinks and purples. again I let the suit dry overnight… once the suit was dry I filled in all of the dark green details and scales By using quick brush strokes. the ears are made out of a foam mat and cardboard then covered with paper mâché. I let the ears dry overnight then I covered with another layer of paper mâché. Once the ears were dry I attached them to a thick plastic headband that I owned. I then painted the green and purple details. For the face I made a thick mask and big lips by using cotton and toilet paper and liquid latex. I used non toxic paint to paint my face since the color was much brighter then trying to use Halloween creme makeup. I then used popcorn kernels to create  the spikes. I finished off the look by adding cat eye contacts and big eye lashes. I then added a tight leopard bra & mini skirt and heels to complete Greta’s look. I was really happy with the final result. The costume was a huge hit!