Say Cheese!!

This is an idea I had for a costume after attending a cople of weddings this past year. Photo booths were hugely popular. I got a kick out of seeing even the most conservative adults enjoying the experience.

This is a great no sew costume that cost very little and requires no special skills to put together. It could be enlarged to fit couples, also.

My photo booth costume was created using scraps of cardboard from my work place. I cut a hole to fit a thrift store picture frame and then covered the cardboard with fabric and glued the frame over the hole. I chose a lighter fabric for the backdrop.  There are hand holds and on the inside there is a pocket that holds various props for the wearer to use.

It would be fun to experiment with different themes such as super heros or princesses. I went with the victorian props and matching frame and fabrics.

This costume is now being used as a puppet theatre for our little ones. Not only did the waste cardboard not go to the land fill ,but it has been repurposed twice:)