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Coolest Jack Skellington Halloween Costume 18

by Gayle and Son Matthew
(Troy, Michigan)

Jack Skellington Halloween Costume

Jack Skellington Halloween Costume

My son's favorite character is Jack Skellington and I promised him that I would make him a costume. I also told him that my version of the head would be makeup and his father thought that Jack should have a mask!

I bought an old black suit at the Salvation Army, taped it off and spray painted it (yes, spray paint!) with Rust-Oleum White Gloss Paint. It stunk up the whole garage! However, when it dried, I knew it would be waterproof! When the tape was pulled off, the magic started

The shirt was a plain white T-shirt and Jack's bat bow tie was made from Crayola Black Model Magic and black foam board. The model magic was epoxied to the foam board tie and the graphics painted on. I also found a pair of long white gloves at a costume store for $2.00. For the face, it was just black and white paint to mimic Jack and I used the wash-out white spray for his hair. I think that I should used more, but only had five minutes to get him dressed for his school party and that included his makeup!

His father, clearly more artistic than myself, felt that his son should have a mask and he made one out of paper mache' and painted it up. I thought both versions were pretty good, but favor the makeup because at night there is no obstruction from the mask. Next year, he wants to be Jack again for middle school, but I have a feeling that I'm going to be looking for a biggest black suit to tape off and paint.

Jack Skellington Costume

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Coolest Jack Skellington and Sally Costumes 19

by Jessica
(Memphis, TN)

Homemade Jack Skellington and Sally Costumes

Homemade Jack Skellington and Sally Costumes

Here we are as Jack and Sally from "The Nightmare before Christmas." I made Jack's head out of paper mache - which is flour, water, and newspaper draped over a balloon and then left to dry. Once dried, I stuck in a pin and popped the balloon, then I cut off the bottom for the head to fit through. After that I spray painted it white and cut out fabric for the eyes and mouth which I glued on using a hot glue gun. Two nose holes were cut out so he could see. The Tie is made out of black construction paper with a cardboard backing.

I drew on the white lines with white liquid paper and then hot glued a binder clip to the back so I could just clip it on his white T-shirt. The pinstripe jacket came from a thrift store for $4.00(although you can't see the stripes in the picture).

My dress is made from four fabric colors... pink, black, yellow, and teal which I bought 2 yards of each from the local fabric store. I cut the patches out and sewed them with black yarn onto an oversized dress that I bought for $5.00. I drew on the designs with a marker and black paint. The wig was made by my grandmother by taking long strands of deep red yarn and sewing it with her sewing machine onto a red toboggan. My mom drew on fake eyelashes with an eye pencil to give my eyes a "doll look."

Although it was a lot of work, I really had fun making it and I only spent about $25.00 for both costumes.

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you are really lucky
by: topaze

Oh girl you are lucky 'cause i try in vain to sew my own sally dress.. in conclusion it was a disaster!! hm... it's because I sew on an elastic dress pieces which are not elastic so.. it was really difficult.. and.. When I've tried to put it on me.. the dress was to small.. Oh god..
*cry a tear* I hope that one day I can sew something great with my two little hand and my sewing machine..
So sorry if my English is bad 'cause i'm french. You make a good job sally!! ;)

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