We didn’t start off with the intention of making Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween costumes. Originally the plan was to make Star Wars AT-ST two legged robot costumes out of cardboard, but then one thing led to another and we decided to recreate the infamous Oogie Boogie and the Mayor from the Nightmare Before Christmas. In other words, we were going to transform ourselves into a sack of potatoes and a fat man.

Most would have thought that I would be the fat man (a 5′ 9″ chubby guy) and that my short 4′ 11″ girlfriend would be the sack of potatoes. Well, it wasn’t like that. She took it upon herself to be the Mayor and yours truly would be the sack of potatoes.

These costumes became our past time for the next two months, starting with the mayor of Halloween town.

Directions for Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Costumes

  • The Mayor was created with PVC piping and chicken wire.
  • The shell was created With 30 feet of PVC (16 elbows and 16 PVC Ts) and then wrapped with chicken wire. After the shell was created, we added an old pair of shoulderpads
  • NOTE: I work in construction so PVC was right up my alley, but not for Izcalli. She had questions from “what’s this?” to “How do we cut this again?” Still, she participated in the cutting and assembly of the shell of the Mayor just the same.
  • With the shell done, Izcalli sewed together every single article of clothing we wore. From the hat to the pants (sewed by her own hands and a machine). I’m not going to lie, I did some sewing myself too.
  • For the Oogie Boogie costume, I made the face and sides with 30 yards of burlap and a few yards of black fabric.
  • I also used 2 cans of glow in the dark paint to accomplish the completed look.

Are your wondering why we decided to make such extravagant costumes? The reason is that we decided to take part in the KLAQ Halloween parade. The year before we ran as the Maitland family from Beetlejuice with the long pointy noses and wide big mouths. When these costumes were finished, we joined the parade and walked.
We were the best costumes there. Lots of people caused us to slow down the parade to take pictures with them. You might be thinking that we won right?! Well, in fact, we didn’t. The judges didn’t take our picture and we didn’t get to be judged properly. We know that we won the admiration of the people and that they loved us, though. That made all the time, money and effort worth it.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the pictures. The we went through a lot of anger and frustration to complete the costumes, but we pulled through as one. The picture of us together was taken at the 30th annual KLAQ Halloween parade.