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Coolest DIY Nightmare Before Christmas Costumes for a Group

I started these Nightmare Before Christmas costumes for a group in August 2021. We had a group of eight. My son and his girlfriend would be the Mayor and Sally. My significant other would be Jack. Halloween Towns famous trio Lock Shock and Barrel would be my nephew, daughter and her boyfriend. My Cousin was a late add as the Oogie Boogie.

I started with the Lock Shock and barrel masks. These were made from model magic clay and cardboard face masks I got on amazon. I decided to make barrel and locks costume out of burlap. I bleached and dyed the burlap purple and red. I used a baja hoodie pattern for the boxey cut of the shirt and a free PJ pant I downloaded online. Cut the bones for barrel with my cricket and eveyday iron on. Made a devil tail for lock.

Shock’s hat was a pattern from Midnight Raven Designs purchased on etsy. It was made with eva foam. I found the dress at a thrift store but made the corset style skirt to wear over.

Jacks Head was a punching bag balloon and several layers of paper mache. The eyebrows and nose were made from Model magic. I found the suit at the good will for less than 10 dollars. I went over pin stripes with fabric paint to give it that Tim Burton feel. Made the tie from .5 EVA foam.

The Mayor’s Head was a 2 Dollar Lamp Shade. Used fabric paint and my cricut to create the faces. Old pool noodle and black felt for the hat. Orange and white felt for the ribbon hot glued to a round piece of cardboard. The spider tie I got from dollar tree added the red bow tie i cut from cardboard. The hot glue gun was a definite must.

Sally’s wig was hand made with three types of red yarn and hot glued to a lace front wig cap. Her dress was 20 dollars from hot topic.

The clown with the tear off face was me and really took time l found the fabric online and hand painted it neon yellow so it would glow in the dark (took me about 2 weeks) sewed it together and added about 15 yds of tulle. Got the wig from amazon and really loved the way it came out.

My absolute favorite was the Oggie boogie I made it from burlap with the witch hat and my cousin absolutely rocked it.

All and all these Nightmare Before Christmas costumes for a group took about 3 months but we can wear it again next year. I had a blast making it and everyone was in awe when we arrived at my nephews birthday party. 100% worth the work and time. Happy Halloween

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