Like so many people, I have been a Transformers fan since for ever. Still have all of my toys from the 80’s. I had been wanting to make a costume for a while and figured why not try a Transformers costume. I know tons of people are making Transformers costumes, some can transform, some are close to 10′ tall but that’s them. I want to do my own.

I decided on Megatron because he was always my favorite character on the cartoon in the comic and the coolest toy and I didn’t come across to many Megatrons already built. For a first time I think it’s pretty good. Most of the construction was done off the top of my head using some techniques adapted from Honus on the Instructables site for making a cardboard Boba Fett helmet. No template. Not much measuring. Just referencing pictures from the comics, pausing episodes of the cartoon and wanting to get in and out of it as simply as possible.

All I used was chip-board a type of card board found in art supply stores, hot glue and spray paint. Wish I could be a little more precise on the how but I was winging it off and on for about a three month time frame. It won first place in the Five Points Halloween costume contest in Columbia SC 2007. I wish I had video of me dancing in it from what I was told it looked really cool because it was surprisingly mobile and fluid. Not many people have seen Megatron “Drop It Like It’s Hot”!

Total Spent: $150-$200