For the past four years I have wanted to make a peacock costume.  I researched the internet for peacock costumes, I looked at real peacocks and this year I finally made my peacock costume. First I purchased a prom dress from a local thrift store in midnight blue as my starting point, cost $7.50.  I purchased some beaded trim and began to hand sew it to the hem of the dress.  I scalloped the hem and added approximately 30 yards of tulle to the underskirt in gold, blue, teal, and three shades of green, I took a peacock feather to the fabric store to make sure I was getting the right colors.  The under blouse is a silk sleep shirt with added teal marabou trim.  The stand up collar is made from a plastic dog collar cone that is used to keep dogs from bothering injuries.  It is covered with a teal sequined shirt found at a thrift store for $2 trimmed in some left over sequin trim and approximately 50 peacock eye feathers.  I ran a teal boa through the rings that are usually used to attach the cone to a dogs collar and tied in around my back to keep the feather collar upright.  Think counter-balance.  Then I attached large aurora borealis crystals and feathers to the skirt to add a bit more sparkle and drama.  All peacocks have beautiful tails and I wanted a “beautiful tail” as well.  I found another light teal gown and cut fabric from the skirt and attached 350 feathers to it.  It attaches to the dress with velcro so that I can easily take it off to sit.  The tail is surprisingly light.  Then I made the peacock “comb” from more crystals and jewerly making wire.  Yellow gloves serve as “tallons” and white, black and blue glitter face paint and blue wig finish the look.  We have a Halloween lunch at work each year.  I was being stopped by people and being asked to have my picture taken.  At our lunch I won Most Original and People’s Choice catagories.  One of the judges told me I needed to win money or booze with my costume.  LOL  I hope you like my Madam Peacock and I look forward to your comments.  Happy Halloween All!