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Coolest Lioness And Safari Hunter Costume 9

by Bonnie
(New York )

Lioness and Safari Hunter Costume

Lioness and Safari Hunter Costume

Last year we purchased a lion costume for our 2 year old. I love family costumes so I knew that we had to do something to match his adorable costume.

For the lioness I purchased a tan velour jump suit, and cream colored slippers. I went the craft store and got any thing that looked like a lion's mane. I bought a boa in both dark orange and tan that was in the trim section, as well as 4 smaller boa's that already had elastic in them for my ankles and wrists.

Since I wanted to be able to use the jump suit again, I just safety pinned the trim around that hood, and added ears that I made out of tan felt. I cut a large oval of felt for the belly and also pinned this on. For the tail I just used an old orange skirt that I cut up and added some left over trim to the end.

For the Safari Hunter I went hunting for a tan shirt at the Goodwill. I took a fabric marker and added the paw prints and just used scissors to make holes, and then ripped up the shirt. He just wore a pair of khaki shorts and hiking boots. We had the tan hat, bandana and binoculars but I purchase the riffle at the dollar store.

In total I spend about 2 hours on the costumes and $30, ($18 on the jump suit!)

Lioness And Safari Hunter Costume

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Who is the Safari Man?
by: Arwen Johnson

So my friend looks EXACTLY like the man in the photos. Who is he? I want a name - not to be creepy or anything.

It's Sky's Long Lost...
by: Eric


tranny lion
by: Anonymous

female lions don't have that hair around their head...

Lion Luver
by: Kathleeeeen :)

OMG I LOVE THISSSS!!!! haha anyone that knows me knows that I love lions to death, all of the lions costumes I have seen have only been for little kids, but this is AMAZINNNNG thank yall so much for submitting this, exactly what I was looking for!!! :))

by: Anonymous

Where did you buy the jumpsuit from? I am looking for one so I can also make a lion costume.

Thank you

price and location
by: glenda

when did u get the mens safari outfit from i so need one

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Coolest Lion Costume 19

by Kerry
(Frisco, TX)

Lion Costume

Lion Costume

I love dressing up my pets but there are no costumes in the stores that will fit my giant dog. So each year I have to make him one! This year he has a lion costume.

I went to a wholesale fabric store to get the fur, then to JoAnns to get the rest of the stuff like elastic, hot glue, cotton stuffing, etc. I don't have a sewing machine so this took me forever to put together! I filled a large rectangle of the fur with pillow stuffing and secured it around his face neck and chest with elastic, but I miss measured (I made it too small) so I had to use a strip of fur going down from his chin to his chest to conceal the elastic. This mess up gave it an even more realistic look!

I cut ovals of fur for the ears and the tail. I secured the tail "puff" with vet tape on his real tail. I at first mutilated 3 teddy bears trying to find the perfect ears but none looked right they all looked like mouse ears so I had to sew the ears too. They are from the same fabric but inside out. We are lucky he is already a nice golden color to finish out the effect.

1 yd. furry fabric 14.99
elastic, cotton, hot glue under 10.00

Hours of sewing and winning the costume contest at Barktoberfest again, priceless!

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by: Anonymous

Can I buy one?

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Coolest Lion Costume 10

by Michelle
(Wichita, KS)

Luke the Baby Lion Costume

Luke the Baby Lion Costume

Luke is an 8 month old living in Wichita, KS. He has been crawling for 2 months now, and has quite the cute growl.....that was the inspiration for this costume!

His mommy made him a lion costume, complete with faux fur body suit, tail and mane. The feet were reinforced with quilting batting to make them stand up better, and the ears and feet were given extra touches with contrasting felt. His tail was stuffed with polyester fiberfill to make it stand out.

And, the best part...the mane and end of tail were adorned with ribbons of 3 colors to make a full fluffy lion. Each had to be stitched on with 2-3 stitches to avoid being pulled off by Luke, but it was well worth the effort.

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by: chris

Someone just lent us the same exact costume. Where did the pattern come from?

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