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Coolest Homemade Adult Male Lion Costume

My boyfriend does like costume parties, and he does like Halloween, but he doesn’t always like thinking up the ideas in advance. A couple of months before Halloween, I had already figured out what I wanted to be and had started working on my costume. Therefore, I started bugging him to do the same. Eventually, we came up with a Homemade Adult Male Lion Costume.

It was very humorous because he had a massive beard and really long hair, so we didn’t have to do anything for a mane.

We went thrift store shopping to find all tan clothing. I found tan gloves (with the “grippy” material on the “paws”). For the tail (which unfortunately I don’t have pictures of), we found a tan alpaca scarf with fringe on the end. I twisted it and looped it through the belt loop in the back of his pants.

The ears were actually the most difficult part. We looked everywhere for lion ears, then we started thinking that teddy bear ears would work as a substitution. However, the only lion ears or teddy bear ears we could find were in sets of “sexy lioness” or “sexy teddy bear” costumes. I decided I would try making them. I had a black headband as the base with which to work. I found tan pipe cleaners (which worked well because of their fuzziness) and had dark brown fabric to use. I hot-glued the pipe cleaners one right next to each other to cover the majority of the headband and left a space for the ears. For the ears, I bent two pipe cleaners into the shape of lion ears, adding more and more to make the ears thick. The dark brown fabric then got placed in between the top and the bottom and I finished them by putting more pipe cleaners on the back of the ears. I spent time stretching the headband out so that it would be comfortable for him all evening. Also, any inconsistencies with the bottom portions of the pipe cleaners were covered up with his hair.

I did rather simple lion make-up for him, but accentuated his nose and brows to make it more like a lion and less like a cat.

Everyone thought the costume was great, especially since so many people had been giving him a hard time about his long hair and beard.

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