Coolest Homemade Lion Baby Costume

My 10 month old, Riley, is always roaring and pouncing, so we decided to make him a lion for his first Halloween. I thought about buying a costume but I couldn’t find anything I really liked for a decent price. I, therefore, set to making this homemade Lion costume.

The costume was made using fabric from an old thrift store sweater and pair of corduroy pants. For the body I used one of Riley’s onesies as a pattern, cut up the sweater and resewed. The body was fairly quick but the mane took hours. I cut the loops out from the corduroy pants and hand stitched them in layers to a hood, also made from the sweater.

For the tail, I cut out and sewed a long tube from the sweater, filled it with poly-fil from an old pillow and made the tuft at the end from the corduroy pants as well, only with smaller loops.

This was my first costume attempt, and i think it turned out really well. We got tons of compliments when trick or treating and, best of all, it only cost about $5 to make, and all out of recycled materials!

4 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Lion Baby Costume”

  1. I am making my own lion costume for my 9 month old for this Halloween and I am trying to model it after this one. It is by far the cutest homemade I have seen on the web! I hope mine will look half as good so thank you for the inspiration!!

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