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Coolest Lioness And Safari Hunter Costume

Last year we purchased a lion costume for our 2 year old. I love family costumes so I knew that we had to do something to match his adorable costume.

For the lioness I purchased a tan velour jump suit, and cream colored slippers. I went the craft store and got any thing that looked like a lion’s mane. I bought a boa in both dark orange and tan that was in the trim section, as well as 4 smaller boa’s that already had elastic in them for my ankles and wrists.

Since I wanted to be able to use the jump suit again, I just safety pinned the trim around that hood, and added ears that I made out of tan felt. I cut a large oval of felt for the belly and also pinned this on. For the tail I just used an old orange skirt that I cut up and added some left over trim to the end.

For the Safari Hunter I went hunting for a tan shirt at the Goodwill. I took a fabric marker and added the paw prints and just used scissors to make holes, and then ripped up the shirt. He just wore a pair of khaki shorts and hiking boots. We had the tan hat, bandana and binoculars but I purchase the riffle at the dollar store.

In total I spend about 2 hours on the costumes and $30, ($18 on the jump suit!)

Lioness And Safari Hunter Costume

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  1. OMG I LOVE THISSSS!!!! haha anyone that knows me knows that I love lions to death, all of the lions costumes I have seen have only been for little kids, but this is AMAZINNNNG thank yall so much for submitting this, exactly what I was looking for!!! :))


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