This sexy mermaid costume was inspired by my love of Mermaids! I believe that Halloween is a time to dress up as something that is a fantasy, or something that is not actually real. The typical, nurse, maid, police officer just has never satisfied my Halloween Costume criteria! I wanted something that was sexy yet beautiful that would diffidently turn heads.

First I went to Walmart and got a cheap bra because I knew I would be covering it with shells, glitter etc.  so it was nothing of expensive value, just enough to cover the goods! I live in a little town by the beach so I have a TON of gathered shells that I hot glued on. I took apart old necklaces that were broken and laying around my room, and used them to spiral together to create a treasure chest effect. I used old chains and hooked them to the actual bra strap and wrapped them around to look as though the chains were holding the bra up.

When everything was glued on and dry I used a fabric glitter spray to give it a very shimmery effect, and also just enough to catch the eye, you can never have too much glitter! For the skirt, I found at my local mall, and it actually was a perfect find because it gives the mermaid tail effect. At the craft store I found the netting, which I used safety pins to hold it around my waist to give the look as tho the mermaid was caught in a fishing net.

For my accessories I glued a hair pin to the back of a star fish and put it in my hair to hold my hair back, and just used a pair of earrings that I had that were a sea foam green color to match! And of course no outfit is complete without nail polish! I used a color in which I had that looked like mermaid scales!

I actually got to wear this costume to 2 Halloween parties, so it was perfect to wear out not once but 2 times and still be all in one piece! Halloween is a great way to show your creativity and personality, so no one should slack!