Easy Woman’s Mermaid Costume!

I always joke about wanting to be a mermaid, so I knew exactly what my costume should be!! After all, that’s what Halloween is all about right? Being something or someone else for a day, if only a day? :)

To create the mermaid costume I started by picking out an old hot pink bra that I knew I wouldn’t be wearing anymore. I then tested a tacky glue on it’s material, and it didn’t work so well. So, I knew I would be hot gluing.

Next I went to Michael’s to get materials for my bra – pearls, shells, jewels, fish net, and some she’ll necklaces.

I placed them on the bra where I wanted everything, and just got glued them down! I also spray painted some shells to add more detail & variety, so that they would pop. The hanging shells I cut from a necklace, and just got glued the string to the underwire of the bra so that it would hang the way I wanted.

I knew new that I wanted to wear teal or turquoise on my bottom half, but didn’t want a fin or anything like that. I bought a maxi skirt from Charlotte Russe, online, for $8! I also bought plain flip flops with shiny pink straps for $3 from there.

Lastly I bought hair spray color. I bought blue and purple, but the blue wasn’t visible on my brown hair. I ended up doing all purple, and needed a second can of hair color (lots of hair, long). I wore it curled!

I also wrapped a bead necklace from Michael’s around my wrist for a bracelet.

Lastly, I used eyelash glue to glue 3 small jewels to the side of my left eye. They stayed on all night!

I went to a bar with a friend, and unfortunately needed to wear a jacket there as I lived up north. But on e I took it off, my mermaid costume was a huge hit! I love being something that everybody knows, but making it my own. Everyone was most impressed with my purple hair :)

i loved this costume and was so proud of myself for putting it together. I will say, it was time consuming, but mainly because I wanted everything on the bra in a particular place (perfectionist). However, I’m sure you could just buy the materials and start gluing, and it would turn out really nice as well.

Good luck! :)

Easy Woman's Mermaid Costume!

Easy Woman's Mermaid Costume!

Easy Woman's Mermaid Costume!

Easy Woman's Mermaid Costume!

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