As a big lover of Pokemon, and someone who hasn’t really dressed up for the past 3 Halloweens, I decided to do the best I could this year with what little money I had. I bought most things at places like the Thrift Store, Kmart, Party Universe and Target. For the big red “R” I just got a small patch of red fabric at Jo Anns, and cut it out, then handstitched it to the shirt. A little advice for that, double check how you’re cutting the R. I accidentally cut it backwards the first time! The shorts were a little longer than the knee so I had to cut and hem those, and then hand stitch those also. The belt was just a plain white one that I punched an extra hole in because it was too big, then glued it down and added an old toy Pokeball. The gloves were too long so I had to cut those. I tried to iron them down so I could hem them, but I ended up melting them! What a disaster. But it worked out, I just decided to cut them and leave them like that. It got great reactions and everyone wanted me to pose. All in all I think it was the easiest costume I have done, you probably already have half of it your closet! :)