Wow, where to start, I don’t have any experience in sewing but can get creative! So this year I put together a costume for my Great Dane Sox to be Flounder to accompany my daughter which is the Little Mermaid. I bought about 2 yards of yellow cotton fabric, blue foam for the tail, fins and blue felt for the stripes all from Hobby Lobby.

I started by measuring Sox and cut out the fabric to his size, which just draped over him like a cape. I sewed the ends together and the collar around his neck. Then I started cutting out the fins for the sides, and the tail fin, hot glued them on, the tail I just tied it with some felt to his actual tail, that was pretty funny to see it in action!  I then cut out the stripes to go along his side and hot glued them on also.

This whole process took place on a sturdy platform to make it easier to align everything on the correctly. The hardest part was taking the costume on and off every step of the way, Sox thought we were playing a game each time! We entered a couple of pet costume contest, and everyone loved his costume! This was very easy for me and everyone else could do it to with little or no experience!