This female Wizard costume was rather easy. But may be a little harder for someone who is new to sewing.  I used a pattern for a man’s wizard robe and took it in where it needed to be. I then attached wire to the collar to make it stand up. From my measurements I made a basic tank top with ruffles around the bra area.

I made an elasticized skirt, kind of like a cheer leading skirt. As well as a matching tutu made of tulle to go under the skirt.

I made a witches from a pattern and once it was done I stuffed it with plastic shopping bags to make it stand up and followed the brim with wire so I could bend it and make it look a little floppier.

Then I just took a small dowel rod and attached a wooden star shape to the top with hot glue and painted it. Then attached ribbon with small glittered stars glued to the ends.

This was a first place winning costume at the bar that I went to that night here in my town.

It took me about a few weeks to make …on and off, and 200 dollars in materiel and such.