These costumes were for our school Senior Social, which was a Halloween party for the senior class! We got together as a group and spray painted our sports equipment and clothing in order to make it as gold as can be. Next we painted our bodies completely gold, which took about 2 hours total! Once we were completely gold we couldn’t believe how much we actually looked like real trophies.

We got to the school early so that we could set up our stands as everyone was walking in and strike a pose. Everyone was blown away by our costumes, even asking to touch our skin to see what being completely gold felt like. The gold paint felt exactly like our normal skin, so we weren’t even uncomfortable in the slightest way. Teachers that were chaperoning thought it was absolutely hilarious, saying that they had never seen something this creative before, and that it would be hard to beat in the upcoming years.

We ended up winning the Best Group overall!! By far our favorite part about the night was seeing everyone’s priceless reactions as they first stepped through the doors and saw us posed in the main lobby. When we returned home after a long and fun night of striking athletic poses it was now time to scrub off all the gold. As of right now I’ve taken 5 showers and I am still partially gold but it was totally worth it! When I walked into school the first day back, the first thing my teacher said to me was “Your group’s trophy costumes were absolutely amazing, that will totally go down Senior Social history!”