I created this Georgian style fantasy Pirate Ball Gown costume for Halloween 2011. That year our decoration theme was a wrecked, deserted pirate ship so I needed a coordinating costume. However, I knew I didn’t want to dress up as a plan ol’ pirate! When it comes to Halloween the fancier the better.  I decided a Georgian style ball gown with pirate accents would be the perfect compromise.

I stuck with my tradition pirate colors of black, copper and white and chose a Polanaise style (this refers to the bustled skirts and had nothing to do with polar bears or mayonnaise). I was short on time but luckily had several pieces I’d previously made that could be renovated for this gown. Several yards of trim had to be cut out and made for the bodice, sleeves and the over skirts.  After everything was sewn together I hand sewed dozens of tiny plastic pearls all over it. Out of the remaining copper material I made several rosettes to dot the bodice and sleeves of the gown. To give it the pirate look I accessorized with a faux-leather belt/clincher that I’d made for a pirate festival the previous year and hung all of my piratin’ tools from it (a fan, a compass, a ring of keys, a knife and a treasure map).  The choker and fingerless gloves were also handmade by me.

I’m proud to say that everyone seemed to really like it, though the funniest moment was when someone thought I was wearing an Irish dance wig and I had to explain it was my real hair!