This fun Halloween costume from the Movie Up was my absolute favorite costume that I have made to date!! I used an old box and taped ‘basket weaving’ on it and then spray painted it brown. The top of the ‘hot air balloon’ was held up by PVC pipes taped into the corners. The suspenders helped to hold up the ‘basket’. The balloons were a BLAST!…I think we had 20!!!

I poked holes in the box top and strung the ribbon through and they stayed where they were supposed to because I used tiny o-rings. The looks on the kids face when they saw her were priceless!! She lead the elementary school costume parade and you can see from the pictures they were all giving her high fives.!! IT WAS GREAT!!!!

We went trick or treating in FULL costume and ended up passing out her balloons during the night from all the kids in awe! She also won the town costume contest, too!!