This “bloody gash” face is fairly easy once you get used to working with latex.  I used a cream white and green base on my face that dries quickly.  I then used black cream base around my eyes and shadow area of face.  Next, I poured a small amount of liquid latex into a plastic bowl and used a make-up sponge to dab latex on the area of my face that I wanted to create a “gash.”  I then took a piece of toilet tissue and wound it between my fingers to form a “snake”, dipped it into the latex and placed it on the latex area on my face to create the “ridges” of the gash.  I used gel blood (not the runny type) to put blood inside the gash.  After placing the other gashes, I used flesh colored make-up and blood on the “ridges” and colored area around them with purple and blue eye shadow to make it appear “bruised.”  I teased my hair and sprayed with white spray, and purchased a “knife” illusion to put on my head, along with yellow contacts purchased through Coastal Contacts. I put white/green base on my mouth and covered with black lipstick when dry.  My “ghoul hands” were gloves purchased at a Halloween store along with the black robe.

This costume really scared people – especially the trick or treaters who came to the door!  I wore this to a Halloween party and won 1st Prize and also wore it to a local bar and won 1st Prize.  Nobody could believe I did the make-up myself — and the contacts really caused a lot of comments and attention!