This Elton John costume is my favorite costume and it has a story attached to it.  I decided to make an Elton John costume, it has 3 LED light packs in it, 2 in the jacket and one in the hat. I made everything myself from scratch, even the hat. I also enhanced a pair of boots with paint and glitter to match. The best part of the story is that I loaned it out to someone (an elderly woman) who fell in love with it last year. She was so happy to wear it and had a blast. Unfortunately, I lost her number and couldn’t pick it up, but she was a nice lady and I figured she would give me a call soon.

While waiting to hear from her, I saw on the local news that her house had caught on fire and was a complete loss. I knew the costume would be destroyed, but I was relieved she was OK. I recently ran into her and she told me that she and her daughter saved the costume! They sacrificed their computer, phones and personal items just to grab my costume! I am so happy it survived and wanted to share it.