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Coolest John and Lorena Bobbit Costume

Homemade John and Lorena Bobbit Costume. Just after Lorenna Bobbit brutally cut off her husband’s penis, she jumped into her car and sped away. While traveling down the highway, she decided to throw that limp bloody thing out the window. For a friend’s Halloween Party my husband and I went as John and Lorena Bobbitt. This costume was a big hit. We went to the Salvation Army, bought the lightest pajamas we could find, loaded it up with fake blood added a wig, a black eye and a bag with a carved kielbasa shaped like a penis thrown in a plastic bag marked evidence and we purchased a knife and covered our self with more blood.

This homemade John and Lorena Bobbit couple costume was great!! It was comfortable to wear, easy to make, and a big success. Some people’s at first was “ewwwww” when they saw our carved kielbasa will the blood but once they realized who we were they laughed and loved it! I would recommend this to anyone! I loved this costume and had a lot of fun wearing it.

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