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Coolest Bobbits Couple Costume

The Homemade Bobbits Couple Costume (John & Lorena).

We have a costume Halloween party every year and we wanted something nobody else would think of. One day the vision of this costume came to me so I put it into reality. It was so easy to throw together too.

For John’s costume: hubby just wore an old pair of jogging pants and a pj top. I smeared fake blood all over the crotch area and a little on the bottom of the pj top.

For Lorena’s costume: I wore an old nighty and house coat. I smeared fake blood on the front of the robe and all over my arms and hands. I carried around a bloody knife (evidence #2) and a jar with a kielbasa sausage floating in water with a drop of red food coloring (evidence # 1). Hubby wouldn’t let me put a little smokie in the jar, haha. I also wore slippers and put a few curlers in my hair. It was so comfy to wear all night, unlike some costumes and wigs that get hot or itchy.

The Halloween party was great and we got a lot of great comments on our costumes. All the guys covered their crotches when I was around them with my knife. We had a lot of fun with this !!

Homemade Bobbits Couple Costume

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