Original Homemade Couple Costume: John and Yoko on Wedding Day!

So, the theme to party was Rock Stars and we didn’t want to do the obvious, I actually found a picture of John and Yoko from their wedding day that Iiked alot.

My husband is tall and slim and I’m petite and olive toned so this could work!

Hit the second hand with $20 in my pocket and found clothes that worked. Can you believe that the hat was the first

thing I noticed on the shelf?? Score! I hemmed my skirt and took in the pants.

I did purchase the wigs and beard at costume shop. Shoes and socks at Walmart . I used my own glasses.

We went to the party and found that another person had dressed as a dead John Lennon lol.

One event was not enough for us, we went to a local bar- nobody knew who we were.

The prize always goes to the skimpy costume. It was a great time though :D