My friend in I came up with this idea around last years Halloween. We’re are literally always together, and it’s gotten to the point where people constantly mix us up, and ask where the other one is if we’re alone. So for 2013 Halloween we really wanted to do a costume that shows our conjoined personalities.

We made the pod out of a huge cardboard box, and topped it with two coats of green. We were wearing two green shirts, both identical, that my mom found at walmart. Our green tights were from goodwill, and the hats we found online. We both agree that the cutting and shaping the cardboard was the hardest part, since it was thicker than normal.

As far as the reactions, everyone loved it. Like little kids, we still go trick-or-treating. The people we went to complemented our creativity, called us adorable, and laughed at us trying to walk up their steep steps.. (In a good way of course)

We didn’t win any prizes or costume contest that night, but we didn’t enter any. A few people told us that our costume was the best they’d seen that night. Overall it was my favorite costume!!