Not a major amount of work went into this Pikachu Halloween Costume, but a lot of searching and stress! I started off trying to find a simple yellow outfit but when color matching shorts and a top got too difficult, I went with a yellow dress with full sleeves and a high neck. Make sure you follow the bust or butt rule!

Once the dress was sorted an old brown t-shirt was cut into strips and attached with safety pins to the back of the dress for Pikachu’s stripes.

For the ears and tail you can either buy some ready made or just cover cotton wool with yellow and black fabric and pin to a yellow headband (for the ears). The tail worked out quite heavy so not only did I safety pin it to the base of the dress but also to my bra strap through the dress. This added lots of support and prevented it from falling off.

Neutral eye make-up and big red cheeks created with lip liner and lipstick and there you have it. Thundershock!

I got a lot of compliments and photo requests with this get up, especially as my other half went as Ash Ketchum. It was the perfect Halloween!