Last-Minute Ash Ketchum Costume

My friend decided at the last minute to make his 21st a costume party, themed “what you want to be when you grow up” and the first thing that came to mind was when I was younger I obviously wanted to “catch em’ all”. I noticed Ash has 4 main components to his outfit. The blue and white jacket, the green gloves, the red and white hat and of course, a Pokeball!

The hat, gloves and Pokeball were the easiest. Pokeball- bought a packet of styrofoam balls and drew the Pokeball design freehand with texta

Gloves- Bought a pair of cheap green gloves from my local op shop and cut the fingers off.

Hat- lucky enough for me I found the perfect cap at the op shop, it had the red brim and red on the back and the front was mainly white with a little red on it. I painted the front of the cap completely white and then drew the green tick with a texta. ( You can also find the cosplay hats on ebay for cheap)

Jacket- the jacket took a few steps to make. to make the jacket you will need:

– 1 blue button up shirt

– 1 white button up shirt

– 1 roll of yellow ribbon

– craft glue

– needle and thread

– sewing machine( if your glue isnt good enough)

First I cut the sleeves and collar off the blue shirt, and sewed the top corners to the top corners of the white shirt( which remained untouched so far).I removed the buttons on the white shirt. I then used craft glue to glue the blue shirt onto the white shirt (only at the front opening on both sides). When this had dried, I then glued yellow ribbon on the bottom of the ‘jacket’ all the way around. With left over ribbon I cut out ‘pockets’ and ‘buttons’ and glued them on the appropriate part of the jacket.

After it had all dried, it was ready to go!!

The whole costume took me 3 days to make (just for the glue to dry) but would take probably 1 day if I used a sewing machine to attach the blue and white shirt and the ribbon. I just wore a little black dress underneath, and wore long socks with sneakers!

I won a costume bet with a friend as I won a vote. We had only got around half the room and with the tally having me leading 18-6 he graciously admitted defeat. Everyone loved my costume, and it brought back a sense of nostalgia to all us 90’s kids.

I hope my story and instructions were helpful and enjoyable. “I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was…”


Last-Minute Ash Ketchum Costume

Last-Minute Ash Ketchum Costume

Last-Minute Ash Ketchum Costume

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