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Pokemon Picachu and Ash Couple Costume

So as you can probably see, we got dressed up as characters from the coolest program ever!! I’ll write here steps and explanations for all of you, hope you enjoy and that will help! The Costume idea started when my boyfriend and I just met. He had a red and white hat and I laughed because it was similar to a ash Ketchum hat… and he gave me his best imitation :)

A few months later we decided to live up to the idea! So let’s begin…

Get Some Foam

Go to a upholstery, you know these places where they put upholstery on chairs and sofas. They will  always have some  old and yellowed padding they really don’t need and if you behave nicely they may give you some for free. It worked for me ..

Pokemon Picachu and Ash Couple Costume
yellow foam


Cut the Foam

Take some scissors and start to cut out the shape of the tail, I drew on the sponge with a marker before I cut. I also painted the tip with some brown paint as you can see in the last picture :)

Pokemon Picachu and Ash Couple Costume


Cut Some More!

With the Yellow sponge remains, you will need to begin cutting ears! Then use black tape for the edges and connect the ears to a bow with pins. The Pokeball explanation on the next step…

Pokemon Picachu and Ash Couple Costume
ears & tail


Pokeball and Ash Hat

I bought a red white ball in a dollar store, and just pasted black tape around and white in the middle. The hat I also bought and just painted with green marker his mark :) Very simple! and cheap!

pokeball & ash hat

Nails (Yep…)

If you already spend time and effort it is important not to neglect any part! I put some yellow nail polish and white on one finger and covered half with red. The black line did with a not erasable marker (remove easily with nail polish remover do not worry). Investment of five minutes to perfect results!

Pokemon Picachu and Ash Couple Costume

Final Touches

So this is the final step… For the Ash vest, I bought a blue curtain (yes) and I cut  two circles. I added yellow tape as buttons and pockets and that’s it :) To complete the look of Ash, he should wear jeans and a white shirt, and buy gloves (can be found in any store cheap!) and make the lightning mark on the cheeks.

For Pikachu yellow standard dress (I borowed from a friend), connect the tail in the back with safety pins. If it is cold you can wear tights, put your ears (hair bow) you could also paint two red circles on the cheeks.

Most importantly, smile and enjoy!

Pokemon Picachu and Ash Couple Costume

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